Sabrina M. Profile Thumb

Sabrina M.

2 days ago

So far I have had a pleasant experience here at vista. I do believe that for the price I'm paying the amenities could be nicer along with the units. Overall I would definitely recommend this place for anyone going to school at DU

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We're happy to hear that you've been enjoying your stay with us. It is our goal to continue to improve the services and facilities that we provide, and we value feedback such as this. Always feel free to stop by the management office with any more feedback you may have so that the improvements we make in the future are the best ones!

Asher R. Profile Thumb

Asher R.

6 days ago

Overall really good, my only complaints are that when things break in the apartment it's difficult to get anyone to actually come do anything about it no matter how many work orders you put in .

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We recently were in a period of having an understaffed maintenance team. Now we have a fully staffed team that we're really excited about, and they're working hard to catch up on everything that was missed. After that we hope to be back to our regular 24-hour turn around time on work orders. We're glad to hear that you've enjoyed everything else and hope we're able to provide better service for you soon!

Hunter G. Profile Thumb

Hunter G.

7 days ago

The apartment building is nice and quiet with lots of free space to hang out. Makes for a peaceful summer that I can enjoy to the fullest. Facilities are nice, but dryers on second floor dont work all the time.

Chanelle L. Profile Thumb

Chanelle L.

7 days ago

This place is super convenient to live. The leasing agents are awesome and pretty on top of things. Just wish I didnt feel like the elevators are tying to kill me most days.

Brin W. Profile Thumb

Brin W.

7 days ago

I absolutely love Vista! The staff, the balconies, the people. It's a great place to live with a ton of benefits! Getting your own bathroom is perfect as well! Can't wait for the next year.

Josephine A. Profile Thumb

Josephine A.

8 days ago

Overall I have had a good experience. The only changes that are needed are related to maintenance. The elevators need fixing and there needs to be clarification about how to care for air vents.

Bianca M. Profile Thumb

Bianca M.

8 days ago

Vista is awesome, they’re always hosting events and things for the residents and the staff is super friendly. Maintenance is usually very fast and completes the job.

Stephenie T. Profile Thumb

Stephenie T.

9 days ago

My resident experience so far has been satisfying, although I do wish that there was better wifi service and that maintenance was a little better. For example, air conditioning has been a big problem for me and other residents. Additionally the gym is way too hot for the summer. However, the desk staff has always been super friendly and willing to help out. I think that for the price it is a good deal considering we are right by DU. It's one of the few nice apartments right by DU that isn't outrageously expensive.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, Stephanie! We'll definitely be looking into adjusting the temperature of the fitness center; and our maintenance team is fully staffed again and working towards getting back to 24 hour turn around times. We were able to make the repairs to the AC unit in your apartment yesterday, please always let us know if you have any future issues! We appreciate your patience. As for the WiFi, please feel free to talk to Mike at the office about this or to contact Boingo, our internet provider. We should be consistently receiving download speeds close to 90mbps, if this is not the case for you then there may be an issue we can solve!