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Sean A. Profile Thumb

Sean A.

8 hours ago

I love the floor plans and my room! Everything works great and the front desk is always super helpful and nice! My work orders have also gotten completed super fast with great explanations. I love the welcoming community!

Carrie S. Profile Thumb

Carrie S.

2 days ago

Neighbors are a little loud and I wish I couldn't hear them through the walls so well, but everybody's generally polite; and I'm sure they'd be willing to keep it down if I wasn't too shy to just ask. The staff here's really friendly too, and are really quick to answer questions and help with problems.

Thanks for leaving us a review and we're sorry to hear of the issue! The office would be happy to help you out with that problem if you'd like to contact us directly ( We're glad to hear everything else has been going well and that our staff has been helpful. If there's anything else we can do, or if you ever need assistance, please let us know.

Natalie F. Profile Thumb

Natalie F.

3 days ago

Vista has such a nice community of people especially working at the front desk who are always excited and eager to see you, greet you, wish you well as you leave or help you out!

Thank you for making our day! Our office is always excited to receive positive feedback from our residents, this will definitely put some smiles on our faces. Always feel free to contact the office with any suggestions so we can keep up to your 5-star standards!

Evan H. Profile Thumb

Evan H.

5 days ago

little things here and there could be in better condition in the appt but overall everything has been great since getting here. seems like a great place to be so far

Thanks for leaving us a review and we're glad to hear things have been good so far! If you'd like to provide us with more specific suggestions for improvement, we're always happy to have those discussions and do rely on resident feedback to make the best decisions!

Claire H. Profile Thumb

Claire H.

7 days ago

I have been living in Vista for around a week so far and it has been a pleasant experience. The rooms are just a little dark without lighting but it’s nice to have furnished!

Thank you for leaving us a review and for providing us with some feedback! We hope you continue to enjoy your time with us here, and encourage you to let us know of any other suggestions you may have.

Emma G. Profile Thumb

Emma G.

7 days ago

The apartment is very similar to a dorm. The kitchen is small and there are no lights in the bedrooms but other than that it is fine for a college student.

Thank you for leaving us a review! The individual leasing we offer does resemble dorm living, but we are still an apartment complex and offer a lot more than the dorms can. We also choose not to provide lighting in the bedrooms so that residents can choose a lighting system that works best for them. Each bedroom will have a split-receptacle outlet which corresponds to the power switch by the bedroom door, and a floor-lamp or other lighting can be plugged into that outlet so the lights still function like normal. If you have any other suggestions for us, always feel free to reach out!

Megan B. Profile Thumb

Megan B.

7 days ago

Moving in was super easy! The kitchen was MUCH smaller than expected so I wish that was advertised better, but overall VISTA has everything I need.

Thanks for leaving us a review! We appreciate your feedback as well and invite you to follow us on our social media pages (@denvervista) so you can enter raffles for gift cards and other prizes. Your feedback will definitely help us make decisions of what useful items to raffle off in the future!

Bethany W. Profile Thumb

Bethany W.

8 days ago

Everyone is so helpful and if something is in need of fixing the staff are on it and able to get you help ASAP, I would leave 5 stars but the bathrooms are an issue for me, I hate how little space and storage they have not to mention the extreme about of grout that was not cleaned up on the tile. Just looked super trashy. But besides that it’s a fabulous apartment!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, and we're happy that you're enjoyed things for the most part. The feedback about storage in the bathrooms is definitely useful, and our office will reach out to you today about possibly scheduling some service to trim the grout and caulk for you. Always feel free to let us know if you need anything else!